Last Clout of the Year - May 2024

Published on 27 May 2024 at 11:59

A very wet Sunday 26th of May, saw the last WA double clout of the year take place at the Hutton Cranswick Sports and Recreation Association archery range at Hutton, near Driffield. Clubs from around the Yorkshire area fielded teams to the event. 5 members of Bridlington Bay Archers competed and happily each of them won a medal.

Under 16 's Emily Harding in 1st place with 184 points
Under 14's Mya Margerison in 2nd place with 210 points
Under 12's Kiara Zondo in 1st place with 110 points
Boys Under 10 Hugo Robson took 1st place with 198 points

Mya Margerison also gained the Black Tassel award.

Photo left to right: Kiara Naledie Zondo, Mya-Jade Margerison, Emily Harding & Hugo Robson.

Kathryn Underwood competed with her compound bow on both days of the weekend. On the Saturday she took part in the Archery GB Clout event, shooting 140 yards with a score of 72 points and took a medal for the best Gold. On the Sunday Kath took part in a second clout competition, a Metric round, shooting 165 metres and scored 140 points. Kathryn is shown in the circle photo.

Afterwards, the team was invited back to club chairman John Jacksons' farm for a tasty BBQ. Lisa Harding baked a delicious Bischoff cheesecake for dessert.