Junior National Archery Series - Scotland

Published on 3 June 2024 at 15:53

Bridlington Bay archer, Liam Jordan, took part in stage three of the Junior National Archery Series held in Ayr, Scotland. The event was a World Record Status WA720 and Head-to-Head. Competitors had warm weather for the day, a nice break from the recent wind and rain.

In his age croup he shot at 70m on a 122cm target face and qualified in 7th place after the head-to-head. He lost the 1st leg, won the 2nd, lost 3rd and won the 4th & last leg. Overall losing by just 1 point, which meant he was knocked out but ranked a creditable 6th overall.

Then part 2 of the weekend was a drive down to Wetherby for the YAA Annual County Senior & Junior Championships on Sunday the 2nd June. Liam Jordan took first place in the U21 section, Kathryn Underwood took 1st place Bristol 3 compound section, Sharron Jordan took 2nd place in the 50+ section. The fine weather continued for the competition, though conditions were very breezy.

Photo courtesy Sharron Jordan - Liam on the left.