Naturally, much of a clubs ongoing resources are generated by membership fees but for small clubs, especially those with a growing junior contingent, this can slow its development or even make its long term future uncertain.

So additional fundraising to develop amenities, purchase equipment and support its juniors becomes necessary.

There are a number of traditional ways of attempting this, such as raffles and tabletop sales - however, the Internet provides its own unique possibilities, such as the easyfundraising scheme.

With easyfundraising it's possible for a supporter to generate small sums for the club at no cost to themselves, just by making the normal day-to-day purchases you would make anyway, with the participating retailer making the donation.

Most of the big stores you find online take part in the easyfundraining scheme. You simply use the easyfundraising app or website to click through to your favoured store and its all done automatically.

Don't let your purchases go to waste - have them support worthy projects.

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