Sarah's 252 / 30yds + Circus!

Published on 1 September 2023 at 13:16

Sarah Potter was awarded the '252' badge for 30 yards on Wednesday evening. Even though a study program keeps her from the range as much as she would like, her progress with a bow is in no doubt. The ever cheery Sarah is pictured here.

Members of Bridlington Bay Archers took some leisure time together on Thursday evening - but not on the shooting range!

For a good part of the summer the club has shared space at the CYP grounds in Bridlington with the big top of Circus Rio. Having listened to the soundtrack of the shows many times without actually seeing a performance it was decided to take in a matinee before they upped sticks and left for another town.

A composite of the club seated at the circus Photos: P&D. Traves