Archery on the Curriculum

Published on 10 August 2023 at 07:37

A team of coaches and experienced archers from Bridlington Bay Archers visited Headlands school in Bridlington to give its pupils an introduction and demonstration of the sport of archery. Around 120 pupils took part, with many showing both interest and aptitude.

The hunt goes on for future athletes and champions - you never know if you might be a medal winner unless you get the opportunity to try. Archery is now a well established Olympic event with the recurve bow and this can be experienced on the club shooting range. 

In the photograph, from left to right we have, John Jackson, Sharron Jordan, Liam Jordan, Carole Reaney & Chris Langley. 

If your school, organisation or business (great for team building), would benefit from learning more about archery send us an enquiry from the contact form.