Fun Shoot, Badges & Visitations!

Published on 10 July 2023 at 12:18

A super sunny Sunday where we had a fun shoot to celebrate the birthday of one of our talented juniors - Poppy Traves (she's on the left pointing at the target). We tried to shoot the candles off a birthday cake!
Poppy has represented Bridlington Bay Archers in competitive events and at just 12 years old could well be a future winner.

We had a visit from GB archery coach Danny Cameron (on the left of the photo) pictured with Bridlington Bay Archer. Liam Jordan.

Liam has been part of the Olympic Performance Pathway for around 9 months now and meets with the GB coach to discus training and improvement strategies.

As the name suggests, the Olympic Performance Pathway is designed to seek out and nurture athletes of great potential.

Awards too for (from the left) for Maggie, Tom and Mya.

Maggie is one of the barebow exponents at Bridlington Bay Archers - a more traditional and instinctive way of archery.

Tom is awarded his third class archers badge, for consistently making the needed scores over 40 yards and 30 yards combined.

Mya, only 11 years old and a newcomer to the club, picks up her 20 yards proficiency badge.