Archery - Fita Award Winners

Published on 24 February 2024 at 16:58

All juniors shooting for the Fita Feathers Award must show Skills Evaluation, Knowledge and Know-how. The beginner who successfully completes the three evaluations for a Feather Level, earns one of the following badges - starting with a Red badge; then a Gold badge.
Red badges have been awarded to Mya-Jade Margerison, Kiara Naledie Zondo, Oliver Harper and Olivia White.
Gold badges have been awarded to Emily Harding, Hugo Robson and Poppy Traves. Here is a photograph of some of our badge winners: from left to right, Emily Harding, Mya-Jade Margerison, Kiara Naledie Zondo, and on the front row Hugo Robson.

The 'Strongbow Draw' game has the purpose of making an archery drill into a challenging and fun test. Bows are fully drawn by competing archers (without arrows) and held for as long as possible.
No surprise that mature archer Tom Connelly lasted longest for the seniors but amazingly a junior, Jack Singleton, showed a strength way beyond his years and held on just as long for a tie. An iron-man in the making! Jack is on the left in the photo.