Halloween Shoot 2023

Published on 30 October 2023 at 07:10

During a very rainy spell the skies cleared enough to hold the annual Halloween shoot for 2023.

It was great turn out of regulars and beginners, to shoot arrows at ghosts and ghouls, witches, cats and all manner of spooky things - not to mention some hard to hit mini-pumpkins. There was a table of delicious cakes and treats too!

The Halloween Shoot - 2023

Halloween Shoot Results

Recurve Ladies
1st place Sharron Jordon 1,120
2nd Sarah Robson 800
B/B Nicki 910
B/B Maggie 490
Recurve Gents
1st place Liam Jordon 1,370
2nd Rickie Robson 1,280
3rd Tom Hesp 1,040
4th Lee Brewin 870
5th Tom Connelly 770
6th Chris Langley 440
7th Ian Collis 160
Juniors R/C
1st Emily Harding 510
2nd Mya megerson 230
Junior B/B
1ST Poppy Traves 270

New Club Members

1st place Dawn Holliday 270
2nd Olivia White 220
3rd Hugo Robson 185
4th Oliver Chippendale 110
5th Amber Holliday 96
6th Kiara Zonda 80

Little Witch
Lady Witch

Quick QI: Did you know a LOOPHOLE originally meant a narrow slit in a castle wall through which a defender
could shoot out at attackers!?