Ellie, Sarah & Tom Step Up

Published on 19 August 2023 at 08:52

Ellie Goodband and Sarah Potter were awarded badges. Elle (on the left of the photograph), a relative newcomer to the sport of archery, gained her '252' proficiency at the distance of 30 yds. Good going while still using a borrowed bow! Sarah achieved the standard set for the Weston 40/30yds round. Well done to both of them!

Tom adds to his Distance

Tom Hesp added to his 252 badge collection once more - just weeks after picking up the 252 for 30 yds. Here he's being presented with the 252 for 40 yds. by club secretary Carole Reaney (on the right).

A lovely summer day for archery, warm sun with a light 'interesting' breeze. After finishing the first leg of a Weston, Tom excelled himself once again, in an impromptu 'shoot the paper bug' challenge.

Kathryn Finds Her 1000th Arrow!

Only joking of course, nobody loses 1000 arrows but I know Kath is a good sport. We all lose arrows from time to time, it's just inevitable - but if you need someone to find them for you she's developing quite a talent with the metal detector!