Windy Fun & Games

Published on 31 July 2023 at 18:51

Archery at the club: We had intended these games last week but rain got in the way. Fortunately, it's a finer day today! A bit of friendly inter-club competition on a set of unusual targets. Paper plates, ropes, tethered tennis balls & castle arrowslits - a mockup of the tiny windows defenders used to shoot out from within castle walls.

Not an easy challenge on a windy day but plenty of fun. The juniors shot at 20 yards, with everyone else at 30 yards.

Across, Hugo actually splits the string with his arrow.

Opposite, Sarah pins a tennis ball to the boss!

Chris and Lee put arrows through the rope.

Every true shot gained a set number of points and the overall winner on the day was Ricky Robson, with the junior winner Hugo Robson.